Augmented Reality APP

Crimson River Productions are the first Video Production company to bring Augmented Reality to the Book Trailer and publishing industry. This new technology has been used by various companies such as Universal in their DVD releases, Heat Magazine with their magazine and some publishing companies have experimented with book covers but until now there has not been a clear defined use where a tangible return on investment can be seen.

We are able to work with Publishers within their budgets to produce our Book trailers, Author interviews or Animated covers and then create an Augmented reality overlay from an existing book cover image.

What can it do and where is the benefit to a publisher?

Traditionally if a book poster is displayed at a billboard or bus stop for example it may be seen but not noticed, when that poster comes down that in essence is the end of that!

By using our free app anyone with a smart phone, Ipad or android phone can point their device at the poster and bring the book cover to life, they can see the book trailer literally jumping out from the poster or click on a button to buy the book. These methods can be used at point of sale within bookshops to create a buzz around the book, on postcard press releases. The possibilities are endless. Take a look at the video and contact us for more information.