I already have a book cover why do I need another one?

This is especially relevant to self publishing authors. The bigger publishers have designers, access to professionally shot images and know how to make a book cover look appealing. Many self publishing authors design their own book covers or get it done cheaply.

Simply put, you need a book cover that can sit alongside any major name author and not look out of place. Not all designers are created equal, our sister company Arcangel Images can supply high quality artwork as well as established Designers already working within the publishing industry.

Why do I need a Book Trailer?

This question has been around for a long time. Book trailers have been in existence for a number of years now and whilst there have been some that were very good there have also been some bad ones. Using the same example as a book cover is fair here, if you have a bad trailer it probably won't do much for the credibility of the book. On the other hand if you have a Book video that is shot beautifully and is relevant to not only the book but today's high levels of expectation you can use the trailer as a significant tool to get noticed...for all the right reasons.

If you are self publishing and want a book deal, having a quality book cover and Book trailer will give you the professional edge over your counterparts. The way you package and present your book speaks volumes to readers, publishers, reviewers and everyone else involved in the buying or reading process.

If you are a Publishing company you can use the Book Trailer to enhance your existing marketing strategy, gather more interest in the lead up to a launch and create an online marketing presence that lasts much longer that traditional methods. More importantly you can combine existing marketing with the trailer to create new opportunities.

So what can I do with the trailer once I have it?

This is a really important question, having a good Book trailer is great but knowing how to distribute it and maximise exposure is a different thing entirely. There have been many changes recently with online distribution strategies. The key here is that everyone has a different goal, a new self publishing author won't be looking for the same end result as a large publishing house promoting an established author and so our distribution and marketing is tailor made to reflect this.

We discuss this with a client on a one to one basis but clearly we don't want to give all of our competitors our USP's on a public website. Needless to say however, that a combination of social media, VSEO, distribution and clever use of the latest technology means we offer real value and a new realistic way to improve book sales and increase readership.

We are happy to talk through Distribution at order or enquiry stage.

I would like to know more before committing to buying a package

That's no problem. Just send us an email on sales@crimsonriverproductions.com and ask us

I want to do something but not sure what and can't see a package that fits for me

Click on to order page, fill in your details tick bespoke, we can then come back to you to discuss

Is there a difference between the Publisher packages and Self Publisher packages?

Yes. In order to provide Self publishers with high quality book trailers at reduced prices there will be differences between trailers. It really comes down to the locations, actors and time that can be put into a trailer. One thing we never sacrifice is quality, it just means we have to be more creative with our work when the bigger budget isn't there. You can leave that to us, we will talk this through with you at order or enquiry stage.

How long does it take to produce a trailer?

It depends on the package you choose and the timeframe you need it in. We have a talented team of individuals within Arcangel Images/Crimson River and the capacity to work on multiple projects. Let us know what you need and we will work with you.

Can I provide you my own footage and artwork?

Unless there is a specific reason to have an image on the cover i.e. historical etc we prefer to control the content. The same applies to footage. We do this is to ensure creative quality is high and consistently so.

Do you tend to work within one genre?

We will work with any book genre and love to get creative across different books styles.

Can I be involved in the creative process?

We encourage participation in the early planning stage and value your input. Once we begin the trailer it's obviously our job to make something special. Once the trailer is complete we will show/discuss and re-edit if necessary. We don't charge for this service although depending on the package level we do have our cut off points.

What is the payment process?

Payment is made upfront via PayPal or directly to our Crimson River Business Account.

Do you have any facts about why video is important in marketing a book?

  • It is estimated that by 2015 there will be over 650 million Ipads around the world, that doesn't take into account I phones or any other android devices out there right now. The demand for instant visuals is already with us and with that demand goes opportunity. Video is also an extremely good tool when it comes to rankings online as Google recognises video above everything else. It's also a great way to get people talking about a book. When a trailer is done well it creates a buzz.
  • Around 63% of the UK population watches a video online each month. That's a pretty good reach. Meanwhile, about 65% of that audience sees video ads monthly which is around 28.6 million people who are seeing a billion ads a month.
  • Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than their plain text counterparts.
  • Video is how people and brands tell stories. Since the dawn of television, advertisers have connected with their audiences with the power of sight, sound, and motion. Everyone knows online video consumption is on the rise. Let's put this in perspective with some numbers.
  • 50.5% of US consumers watch video online and they're spending 45% more time doing it than a year ago -- that's over four and a half hours of online video per month. People in the 18-34 age group spend more time watching online video than they do watching TV - almost 50% more. On YouTube alone, users around the world are watching 4B videos a day, and uploading more than 60 hours of video per minute. That's a lot of video. And this is set to grow at an unprecedented rate; currently video makes up 40% of all Internet traffic and will exceed 91% by 2014, according to forecasts from Cisco. (Google)