Intelligent Marketing

In order to get your book trailers seen by the largest and most relevant section of your buying public, it is imperative that a strategy be put in place to direct traffic to the right areas. It's also important to consider how video is now used and digested by the public on social media. We now have a short amount of time to impress and engage our viewers. Our partner company RedCloud Video are specialists when it comes to online marketing, please take a look at their social media video packages to find our how to create brand awareness, learn more at and make the most of the way people now use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name but a few.

Self Publishing Authors:

Crimson River Productions will work with you to define a strategy for your book video. We will use our existing distribution database to look at where the best chance of exposure can come from and target it. We work with Social media, video content and traffic specialists and can work within tight budgets towards the common goal of targeted marketing. Our range of options will provide either the service required or the training to achieve your goals.

As a self publisher it is clearly essential to stand out from the competition, a professional book cover is extremely important and a high quality book trailer that draws potential readers into your social network is key. Whether you are selling your e-book or demonstrating to a publisher that you are a serious author the more polished a proposition you become the more chance you have of standing out.

Publishing Companies:

We have found new ways to promote authors and books using the latest proven marketing methods. By keeping abreast of recent changes within Google and YouTube and working with Video content specialists we can work towards increased rankings for authors. Video content is already recognised by Google over and above any other type of content so the time is right to capitalize on this feature. There are many ways in which rankings and key wording can be used to draw readers from similar genres to a new book and we welcome discussions around these options and many others.

In addition we will work with Marketing teams to forge a clear strategy to produce new reader interest, distribution and social media strategies not to mention our new Augmented Reality APP allowing for an array of new possibilities not previously available to publishers.