Publishing Company Packages

£350 $555 €399

Animated Book cover:

  • We will take your existing book cover artwork and create subtle movement/animation within the cover image itself. This can be used to great effect on looped digital platforms for advertising. If Arcangel Images/Crimson River have supplied the image and footage we can evolve the piece into a video based book cover which uses the footage and still from the same shoot.
  • Additional Option / Augmented Reality
    We are able to use Augmented reality technology to bring a book cover to life. Readers download our free Livebooks app and point their device at the book cover image, the animated book cover would then come to life in their hands.

£650 $985 €750

Stills Teaser:

  • Our Stills teaser is image based using a selection of high quality, relevant imagery from the Arcangel library. We combine the images with motion graphics and text and include voiceover work and narration if required.
  • We will also design an Augmented reality overlay for your book cover image to be used in conjunction with our LiveBooks App for readers. Your Stills teaser can play from the cover image.
  • Basic online Distribution included.

£950 $1395 €1100

Author Interview plus Augmented Reality /
Online Distribution:

  • An author interview or short author lead film about the book. We can either work to a creative brief or produce one for you. The interview is shot in full HD, multi-angle and professionally edited and colour corrected.
  • Augmented reality included. Let your interview come to life from a still image of your author. Online distribution is included.
  • Currently our Author interviews are UK only. Should you need a series of interviews or wish to take the Premium package option please contact us for details.
  • International options available. Please contact us for further detail.

£1395 $1995 €1595

Book Teaser plus Augmented Reality /
online Distribution

  • We create a stunning Book teaser by combining high quality imagery from Arcangel Images as well as our own HD footage. Although not a full production trailer we use the same storyboard techniques as we do with larger projects and apply them to the teaser for a filmic effect. This package also includes quality audio soundtracks and if required professional voiceover work. Online video distribution is included.
  • We will also design an Augmented reality overlay for your book cover image to be used in conjunction with our LiveBooks App for readers.

£2495 $3795 €2850

Book Trailer plus Augmented Reality /
online Distribution

  • Our Book trailer is shot to brief in full HD. We work with our clients to convey the message of the book and then storyboard the film. We shoot a full feature book trailer and work with post production to edit and colour correct the footage for a filmic effect. Actors and dialogue can form part of the trailer and we use high quality music and audio.
  • We distribute and optimise the video for online exposure and create an Augmented reality overlay to further promote the trailer through printed media using our LiveBooks App

£3395 $5095 €3950

The Premium Package:

  • This package is designed to maximise audience engagement. We produce three high quality videos and work with you to strategically release them through our distribution network, making the most of Social media and VSEO (Video search engine optimisation).
  • Each Video will be highly optimised to drive traffic back to the buying site.
  • Multiple online video release to reach the widest possible audience.
  • Strategic distribution and planning involving target audience and demographics. Online press release included.
  • We also design an Augmented reality version of your Book trailer to be used in printed media.
  • This package offers four of our most powerful video products:
    The Author Interview, Book Teaser, Book Trailer and Augmented Reality

Bespoke Package or Additional Options

If you don't see the exact package you want here or need to change certain options, please choose which elements you want from our packages and additional services and we will tailor a package to suit your requirements and budget

Additional Options:

  • Arcangel Book cover image Royalty Free/Rights managed
  • Author Website
  • Advanced Distribution
  • Advanced Social Media
  • Augmented Reality Overlay
  • QR Code Generation
  • Video Press Release