Publishing Company

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We work with large publishing companies through to the smaller independents and provide professional, high quality Video Book Trailer services.

Our packages offer real value and tangible benefits that will add to your exisiting marketing strategy. Over the years Book trailers have progressed in quality and have been recognised by publishers as useful marketing platforms which can work across genres. There was a time when all you would see on the internet were badly shot, badly acted slideshows that were as detrimental to a book as a bad cover.

The use of high quality book videos, relevant social media platforms, and a combined and clear video SEO strategy mean you can create new audiences for your book.

We are also the first Book trailer production company to bring augmented reality overlays to the publishing industry making use of the latest technology to create a link between exisiting publishing marketing methods and our services. You can now bring a book to life at the bookshop, at a bus stop or on any poster through a smart device whether its an apple ipad, iphone or android device and then link it via a call to action to a buying page.

Crimson River provide a new approach to Book trailer marketing. We combine high quality book videos with the successful aspects of video distribution and the latest augmented reality technology to bring your books to life, enhance interest and ultimatley increase sales.