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Anya Lipska: Author of "Where the devil can't go"
Publisher: The Friday Project/Harpercollins

As a self publishing author looking for a book deal or as a published E-author looking for reviews and increased book sales, certain key elements have to be in place to give you the best possible chance of making your book stand out from the crowd.

Many self publishing authors invest a huge amount of time writing, rewriting and preparing books for publication. Unfortunately, although there are a huge amount of fantastic books out there it's still extremely difficult to get a publishing deal or sell your book.

A badly designed book cover gives a potential reader a negative view of the book before they even turn a page, alternatively a good book cover draws the reader in. This is the same for Book trailers and Book videos, produced correctly they create a buzz and get people talking and combined with a clever marketing strategy produce results.

Traditionally, the better book trailers have been affordable only to larger publishing houses with bigger budgets. Our self publishing packages are designed with budgets in mind and whilst there will always be some differences with what can and can't be done on a budget, quality should never suffer.

With the emergence of smart devices like the Apple Ipads and Android tablets and phones there is a real opportunity to leverage book videos to enhance the marketabilty of your work, create publisher interest and most importantly drive readership to your book.

We have worked to provide authors with real value, tangible realistic results driven packages that are affordable and relevant to the publishing industry today.